Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Unimportance of Immigration and Outsourcing

Throughout our history, mankind has found itself more than willing to brutalize those brothers and sisters among us whom are less fortunate than ourselves.

And for what reason?

Many of us are simply cowards.

The difference between the adult world and the playground is slim.

Protectionist sentiment often arises when jobs in auto manufacturing are shipped to Mexico, but no one seems to mind when robots take over, much less when cars last longer.

Some complain when Indians "steal our jobs" in call centers, but it is extremely rare for frustration to be voiced over easy-to-use electronics. and other online retailers have destroyed thousands of jobs for cashiers.

Larger airliners have eliminated incomes for pilots.

Better fertilizers have destroyed the careers of thousands of farmers.

Computer programs have overthrown many accountants, paralegals, and even lawyers.

Toothpaste prevents dentists from putting more food on their table.

What is the real difference between technological efficiency and global efficiency?

The Answer: None.

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